15 min
Onboarding Program for Account Managers
Welcome to the Attribution World!
In this course, you will learn the basics of attribution, how it works,
and how it helps marketers run profitable campaigns.

But first...
Meet Sarah
Sarah is a talented marketing manager at GameApps Inc, responsible for attracting new users for key products. Their goal is to get a quality audience and widen a sales funnel at the very beginning.

As an experienced specialist, Sarah uses various platform analytical tools, UTM tags, short links, etc. It takes much time to manage marketing campaigns, but Sarah loves it!

The marketing department has a limited budget this year, so it is crucial to launch efficient campaigns and attract more people with less money.

How to make marketing campaigns optimized?
How to increase their efficiency?
What should Sarah do?

Let's learn more about attribution, the real helper for marketers.
What is an attribution?
What is an attribution?
The complex process of assigning a mobile app user to their source of install. Attribution is the science behind understanding which marketing channels and campaigns are driving the most revenue. Marketers can use this attribution data to measure campaign performance, run effective retargeting campaigns, optimize creative assets, and more.
An attribution can be any of the following:
  • A click on an ad leading you to the store to install the app
  • Install being the first open of the app after download
  • Session, an opening of the app
  • Event, eg completing a level in a gaming app

What kind of analysis can Adjust provide?
  • Source of click / install / session / event etc
  • Total clicks / installs / sessions / events per day / week / month
  • Total events triggered and any potential revenue being recorded alongside these events
  • Global app rankings, Country app rankings
  • Customer reviews "this app is DA BOMB"

With Adjust attribution, the marketer can:
Understand the user journey from every channel
And discover which channels perform best (referrals, organic, mobile app, mobile web, TV, etc.)
Build own attribution logic
And enforce it with all partners using Adjust's customizable attribution settings and features.
Track the entire subscription funnel in one place
Increase LTV, ROI and convert more users into paying customers.
Discover which ads delivered the best users
By drilling down to the creative level with Adjust attribution.
Delight your users with deep links
Increase conversion rates by sending app users to specific locations in your app.
Control the result
Create and launch the most profitable marketing campaigns.
Sounds great! An attribution will help me understand users' preferences and find better marketing channels for promoting apps. Ready to start!
How attribution works