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by Phone

Sales managers who call customers for old requests from the site
(older than a week) struggle with objections. They can’t build a dialog
with a client and continue a conversation after the first failure.
The challenge is to create an eLearning course that will help employees
not to panic because of questions, take leadership in the dialog, and stop being an answering machine.

In cooperation with the best sales specialists and their manager,
I created a script including typical mistakes in sales calls.
Then I developed a dialog simulation, that repeats the same experience
as in real conversation - if the client manager asks the wrong question
or give a not appropriate offer, the client says 'goodbye' and hangs up.
Then the manager takes a tip about this negotiation and has to start
the conversation again.
The course contains 4 typical clients with different requests. The dialog simulation is developed in iSpring Suite.
Instructional Design Course
ICL Services provides a full cycle of IT services 24/7 in Russian, English, French, and German. The company employs approximately 2,000 people and recently decided to implement new LMS for teaching employees online. HR team asks SMEs to create eLearning courses and invite me to prepare them.
Also, the challenge is to make instructions for further usage in training 90 SMEs.

Blended learning solution, including synchronous and asynchronous activities. First, learners take part in a survey that shows their goals and current level of knowledge. The course consists of five modules: Introduction to Instructional Design, Development Process and Roles, Creating Practice and Tests, Content Creation, Basics of Design in eLearning, Motivation in Learning, Projects Review. Each module is built from a pre-task for actualization, a 2-hour meeting with discussions and practice, and homework for implementing. During the course, learners develop their own project, and simultaneously understand new LMS, authoring tools and resources for eLearning creation.
At the end of the program, full materials are placed in LMS for further training.
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