Remote Work
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20 min
Now you have the opportunity to work remotely!
This may be your first time, but we are sure you will like it! Let's help you navigate here.

We will tell you how to organize your work when you are not tied to the office, which will help you maintain efficiency, how to stay in touch with colleagues, and make friends. We are used to this type of work and will share our life hacks.
Let's go!
We created this lesson together with Skyengteam.
You will find out what opportunities the distance opens because it is like wasabi - either you won't like it or you won't be able to live without it :)
How to Organize Workspace
What do you need for work
Personal computer
Yes, this device will become your best friend! Make sure that all the programs and tools are installed, they "fly" and you do not risk being disappointed when performing an important task :)
If difficulties arise, contact @office-helpdesk, and our IT heroes will definitely save you!
Stable internet
When you plan to work from a cafe, coworking space, or another city, make sure that everything will be ready. A reliable internet connection is the most important thing in our work. Use a speed test to check your connection.
Be in touch!
Camera + headphones + microphone
These three devices is a must-have for any meeting in order to provide good sound quality, communicate with a person, not with a black square, and avoid extraneous noise.
Listen and speak!

Do you have everything you need for remote work and communication? Check it right now!
Skyengteam advice
Anna Kochetova
HR IT Project Manager
For me, the greatest charm of remote work is not to get attached to a place, even in one room. At home, I work at the table, on the couch (on which I don't sleep), and on the floor. However, there is a strict rule - always monitor the health of the spine and posture! We underestimate this until we get stuck. Therefore, in addition to the basic rules and tools, I recommend adding reminders somewhere in front of your eyes about a regular warm-up.
Always do your job in comfort!
Julia Moroz
Skyteach School Instructional Designer
The workplace is NOT where you sleep, eat and relax. Ideally, this should be a different room. For working outside the home, it is better to have an external battery, mobile Internet (phone or USB modem), and a headset with you. Traveling - the same set. When booking accommodation, always check the quality of Wi-Fi.
Threw yourself
into work? Do this!
Don't forget that you work from home and don't live at work! We know how important it is to maintain a work-life balance. And at a distance, it is important to be able to do it masterfully!
One of the best practices for working remotely is to set a clear timetable, just like employees do in an office.

Define (and tell the team) your opening hours. Physically leave the workplace for lunch breaks, go to coffee points, or just stand up and walk anywhere - that will help too.
How to keep work and life balance
Change spaces
Build physical boundaries between work and personal life: set up a workplace, dress up, leave the work area during breaks, and don't use a computer during lunch time.
Allocate your forces
We recommend to observe yourself and work when you feel a rise in energy.
Set schedule
Ask your manager how flexible your work schedule can be. Most of us, working 5/2, adhere to the ethics of fast responses from 11 to 16 - this is the time when we synchronize and it is convenient for the most.
Do not forget to rest
Working remotely, you are in silence and you can go deeper into work. Take breaks during the day: take a walk in the fresh air, read a book, call your family or do some abs work :)
Skyengteam advice
Olga Zhibrik
Dual Teaching Illustrator
I take care of myself by sleeping, walking in the fresh air, doing yoga, home beauty treatments, and all this on a tight schedule. I try to read at least one little fiction book every day.
Angelina Galimzyanova
Accountant (Documentation)
I take my free time from work as much as possible - courses, meetings, sports, theater, exhibitions, cinema. This helps a lot to distinguish between work and rest. There is always room to rush after work and enthusiastically start a new working day. When I excited, this is my perfect balance * _ *
How to manage
your efficiency?
We believe that it doesn't matter which country
in the world you come from. It is important
to do the job at a high level.
A few tips to improve efficiency
If you know your destination, it will be much easier and faster to go. Clarify the expected results and timing of your projects and tasks at the start of work, and then update them regularly.
We recommend you follow how you progress through the tasks. It is always very pleasant to watch your movement. And such self-control will help you ask for help or additional resources from the team or manager.
Use the tools convenient for you and your team for planning. Here are our top tools: notepad (without it anywhere, even in an IT company), Google calendar - so as not to forget about meetings, Asana - all tasks and projects in one place, Trello - tasks and projects in the form of cards on a board, Jira - the main tool in Product Development, Miro - the space for any recording and written reflection, PipeDrive, etc.
Plan your day taking into account your personality and needs. Don't forget to rest and do something nice for yourself.
How not to loose the connection with skyengteam?
On remote teams, there is no way to chat in the hallway or in the kitchen.
However, our teams, where employees work in different parts of the world, have learned to allocate time for a joint tea party, informal communication with each other. The key to creating great remote relationships is the desire to build them.

Even in the Skyeng office, the atmosphere is more like a remote work format than a classic office.
All life with
You can share your adventure experiences and upload photos to the #live channel. As for the meetings held jointly with colleagues (informal, of course), this is also about us. From time to time, our colleagues from different cities gather to have coffee, sit in a bar or go on a quest.
Cup of Tea
Every week we run free Skyeng Cup of Tea English Speaking Clubs for all employees.

The schedule can be viewed on the club's channel #skyeng-cup-of-tea.
Nomad Club
Do you like to travel? Then go to #nomads channel. There, the guys share useful travel life hacks. You can find fellow travelers or a company for hiking, find out where to stay, or even find accommodation in a new city.
Follow #Skyengteam
Follow the news, flash mobs, various contests, as well as how your colleagues live and work around the world! Subscribe to instagram, join a group on facebook.

Be on the same page with us!

Do you like informal communication with colleagues, parties, and corporate events? We too! Every August we meet on Skyengday. This is a digital birthday: in real-time, employees from all over the world participate in the celebration with the effect of presence. We use a platform for watching the show and an interactive platform for voting and emotions, we communicate in a chat. You can participate in the show wherever you want and with whoever you want, the main thing is the Internet. Every year the organizers arrange various surprises for us.
Be sure to join this year!
Are you ready for remote work?
Check youself
Workplace organized
You follow the company's news and attend key events
You know how to maintain your efficiency
You know how to balance work and personal life
You remember that you are not alone and you can always find friends in #coffee-buddies or #nomads
You participate in team meetings and keep in touch
We love remote work with all our hearts!
Do you?
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